Full Results

August ’17 249.55
September ’17 524.45
October ’17 450.45
November ’17 452.85
December ’17 239.75
January ’18 180.10
February ’18 -84.00
March ’18 -223.90
April ’18 726.15
May ’18 -60.00
June ’18 627.30
July ’18 359.80
August ’18 82.70
September ’18 -529.10
October ’18 258.60
Total 3,254.70

10 thoughts on “Results

  1. I had a go last year and didn’t carry on because I was unable to replicate the spreads you were quoting…quite often quite a big difference and overall made a difference to the profit and loss…As this been sorted out at all…or is it pretty impossible….It was not always possible to pick your tips up as soon as they were sent due to work….If things are still the same..I guess it’s still not worth joining again

    1. Hi David

      The prices do not move anywhere near as quickly now or by as much. It’s usually just a few points if they do move at all.


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